A Passion For Space

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Every couple a months I will travel from San Antonio to Houston to attend a NASA Enthusiast meeting hosted by Johnny Steverson (He is in the center).  It is usually held at the Chelsea Wine Bar just down the road from the Johnson Space Center.  It is an eclectic group of people that gather and talk about everything NASA, education projects, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), events such as the Space City Comic Con (a mix of Science Fiction and Science Fact) and even recipes for chicken Alfredo.  I met Johnny at NASA’s first social media event which involved all ten field offices.  We were among 30 social media people given press credentials and we got a grand tour of behind the scenes at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.  The main reason we were there was to cover the first launch of the Orion Spacecraft.  Johnny decided to form this NASA Enthusiast group and I attend gatherings when my schedule permits.

Marianne J. Dyson

You just don’t know who you are going to meet.  Astronauts, engineers, interns, current and former NASA employees and even celebrities.   This time around I met the charming Marianne J. Dyson, a former NASA Flight Controller and current Author/Speaker.  She told us interesting stories and brought visual aids and samples of space shuttle check lists.  She is the author of many books.  I wanted to know what made her tick.  So, I got her book ‘A Passion For Space’: Adventures of a Pioneering Female NASA Flight Controller.

Marianne Passion for Space


I will post when we have another event in case you are in the neighborhood and are interested in attending a NASA Enthusiast get together.