About Us

About Us

“Imagine a world when giant monsters roamed the skies, seas and lands of a primitive Earth. On March 19, 2007, I created Absolutely Prehistoric. I have a fascination with the stars above and the connection to our planets prehistoric past, present and future. It is amazing to me, that in the vastness of space, life took root on this blue marble we call home. The variety of creatures that emerged from ancient oceans to evolve into more complex organisms. Amphibians, reptiles, insects, dinosaurs, mammals…. Wow! This website is a source for adventure, dinosaurs, entertainment, gift ideas, news, science, space, travel and wildlife.” Lou Balderas


Absolutely Prehistoric Website—What You Should Know

If you are fascinated with prehistoric creatures, space, ancient culture, archeology, and nature, you should consider checking out the Absolutely Prehistoric website. This is a shop that has all kinds of products related to dinosaurs, space, ancient mammals, nature, outdoor activities, wildlife, adventure, and cultures in different parts of the world. To give you an idea about what this website offers, you can try to check out the following list.

  • Apparel. From T-shirts printed with wildlife and outdoor jackets to travel hat and batik dresses, Absolutely Prehistoric website has it all. These are great gifts for men and women who love rustic-looking clothing.
  • Costumes. If you are attending a costume party, you can purchase prehistoric and space costumes from the website such as The Flintstone costumes, astronaut costume, dinosaur costumes, Toy Story baby alien costume, and adult Star Trek Klingon costumes to name a few.
  • Footwear. The website also offers footwear which you can wear in one of your outdoor adventure trips.  They have travel shoes, boots, waterproof exploration shoes, eco-friendly footwear, and tribal-themed shoes.
  • Outdoor gear. Whether you love camping, outdoor barbecue, mountain climbing, snorkeling, kayaking, and other sports activities on land and water, the website has everything covered. You can purchase tents, sleeping bags, kayaks, snorkeling gear, compass watch, GPS, motion detector camera with HD video, headlamp, folding bike, and survival immersion suit.
  • Ancient. These are great gifts for anyone who loves ancient artifacts. You can choose among a number of unique decors such as statues, sculptures, swords, catapult, pen sets, ancient maps, and ship model. This section also includes National Geographic magazines and rustic-themed accessories.
  • Space. This includes telescopes, inflatable solar system, moon-shaped wall hanging light, photographic print of planets and other heavenly bodies, and magazines and books that talk about the space and universe.
  • Travel. You can also book a hotel at the website. These are nature-themed hotels such as safari, jungle, river, beach, and mountains. They are also situated in places with amazing natural sights.
  • Party goods. If you are planning to have a prehistoric or dinosaur theme for your child’s birthday party, you can simply purchase party supplies and goods from Absolutely Prehistoric. They have dinosaur-themed paper cups and plates, party favors, dinosaur standee, dinosaur-shaped treats, cupcake wrappers, table covers, masks, and dinosaur cookie cutters.

You can find all of these and many other very cool gifts and items from the Absolutely Prehistoric website.